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Trust Agents: Using the web to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust.
Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

The intro and first chapter gives you a background on who a trust agent is and gives you an outline of what to expect throughout the rest of the book. The second chapter is really where my mind started to take actionable notes.

This is where the motivation, aspiration, passion, and goal setting started to form.

It really got me fired up in wanting to take my brand to the next level. At this time, my online presence is just that, I’m just there in a space with millions of others. Although I have made some connections and established some relationships through online networking, I want to take my brand/product/company to new heights. This chapter gives you that push. This push really sprang into action early on in the chapter when reading the following:

“When you conclude that talent, though not quite a myth, is certainly overrated, you start to realize that you never need to see yourself as below anyone. Instead, you should only believe that you don’t yet have the experience that person does, then find a way to get it.”

Experience and knowledge

Just because and individual has more of these than you do, doesn’t mean you aren’t able to develop those same things, you just need to find a way to get it and exceed it.

Throughout the chapter I set myself a couple of goals; one is to be more transparent and not being afraid of how others may view it. I am genuine, I am authentic, but I need to be transparent. I need to express my opinions, beliefs and thoughts. I need to have insight on what it is I do. I need to be able to point others into the right direction with sound advice. Currently, my blog is more of a ‘review’ based platform and leads readers to different sites. Though I think this is highly beneficial, and still want to maintain this, I need to incorporate my own insights. In short, this chapter really gets the blood flowing and excites you for the rest of the book (which is a good thing right, to establish that early on before a reader gives up).