Posted by Eric Ungs

The Power of Less by Leo Babauta

When I first purchased this book, ‘The Power of Less’ by Leo Babauta (blog Zen Habits), I was extremely excited and eager to start reading. The concepts and ideas in the book are things I always think about but never take the time in achieving them. I wanted to read this book to sort of nudge me to get out of this ‘winter is almost here’ rut, and to view these ideas in a new light.

The first part of the book was disappointing for me.

Not because it was bad writing or the content wasn’t valuable, but because the excitement and hype I had created going into this book suddenly dissipated. It was gone. I had lost interest in the topic and got to the point where I almost shut it down.

I gave it another shot…

Upon picking back up where I left off I quickly became enriched in his advice and ideas. I suddenly began to feel motivated and driven in certain parts of my life where it was definitely lacking or non existant all together.

I am a runner and I watch what I eat and it seems every year this time when the air starts to get colder and the days are much shorter, I start to lose focus on what it is that makes me happy. I came to a point in the book where my motivation was at new heights and I took a break from reading to go on a short run. It felt great!

This read encourages you to eliminate the nonessential that takes up your life.

By eliminating, or at least reducing, the nonessentials in your life you are able to give 100% focus and attention on the essentials. It really forces you to focus on what makes you happy and what feeds your passion in both your personal and work life. For me it was eating healthy and just running because I liked the way I felt after successfully accomplishing both.

There are things he touches on to eliminate or cut back on that just aren’t doable for some, but the message he is portraying is crystal clear.

If you are in a rut in finding what makes you happy in life or it is was put on the back burner, this read will reignite that flame. It will encourage you to set personal and professional goals and it lays out a sketch of how to achieve them by simplifying your life, by breaking down goals to sub goals, by breaking down projects to manageable tasks, etc. Concentrating on the important items fully with no distractions or multi-tasking, results in higher productivity.

“If we’re always in a hurry to get places. when will we get to our destination and finally be happy?”

“Life is a journey — make it a pleasant one.” 


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