Posted by Eric Ungs

UncomfortableWhen you begin to feel comfortable with your personal brand your brand begins to drift backwards from becoming the best, you become satisfied with where you’re at while others are passing you by.

I am never satisfied with where I am at…ever.

I am proud of the things I have accomplished and how I have progressed but I am never satisfied; I always want to do better and to be better. The moment I realize I feel comfortable or content with any aspect of my life (personal, work, health, etc) I begin to draft changes. I don’t replace or take away things I look for ways to build on them. I begin to brainstorm new goals, search for new and greater responsibilities, challenges, projects, etc. I look for something that draws me out of my comfort zone and into a new and uncomfortable place. This allows me to become the best at whatever I do in life.

This way of thinking defines your personal brand. You have to want to sail the uncharted waters. What gets you through this unfamiliar territory is your confidence, your passion, and your thirst for success. But first, you must be willing to be uncomfortable. 

“Pursuing perfection requires a willingness to be uncomfortable.” Training Camp by Jon Gordon.

So, are you uncomfortable with your personal brand?

Photo courtesy of Canon Camera

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