Posted by Eric Ungs

I’ve recently finished reading Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch about small business marketing. It was a very informative read and will be a great resource to come back to. While reading, as I am not a small business owner, I couldn’t help but to substitute the ‘small  business’ for ‘personal brand’. I always was thinking of ways to utilize the resources between the covers in supporting my personal brand. There are a lot of elements, if not most, that can help an individual form a solid strategy in creating and promoting one’s personal brand.

Though each chapter is filled with great content I want to focus on the epilogue in the back of the book. In the epilogue John lays out five steps in bringing your plans to form a ‘small business’ marketing snapshot.

Below is my translation of ‘bringing your plans to life with a ‘personal branding’ snapshot’:

Step #0. State your primary personal branding goals for the year.

Like anything else, you need to have a starting and an ending point. Where do you want to be one year from now? holding what position? with what company? Determine how you want to be perceived and what’s going to make you stand out. Your personal brand is not how you perceive it, it’s the perception others have on you, your actions will define this. Work towards acquiring your dream job for your dream company by first defining your personal brand and setting goals.

Step #1. Describe your ideal work situation (employment).

Everyone has a dream job or are (should be) passionate about something. Let it be known. With the new age of recruiting utilizing social media tools, companies are seeking you out based on the information provided within your social spaces. I think as this social space evolves even further you won’t be looking for jobs, the jobs will be looking for you. If you don’t express your ideal work situation those opportunities won’t be able to find you. Make yourself searchable. 

Step #2. Write your core message points.

What is it that makes up you?  Why would anybody want you to work with them or for them? This is the heart and soul of your personal branding. You will really need to dig deep and you may even have to ask for help from colleagues, family, friends, etc. — What makes you unique? Define and market these characteristics.

Step #3. Develope personal branding marketing materials.

The sky is the limit with marketing materials for your personal brand. The more creative the more memorable. With thousands of people crossing everyone’s path, being memorable is what matters. Other than printed materials (not a resume) you may include video, blogging, or podcasts. It’s easier for opportunities to seek you out when you’re conversing and sharing valuable content on your expertise or passion. Through utilizing the free social media tools it makes you findable on search engines and within social networks.

Step #4. Outline your platforms of engagement.

A couple of years ago I would have said to always keep an updated resume on hand along with your business cards, but those days are becoming ancient history. It’s only a matter of time before resumes become extinct. Instead, there will be sites like LinkedIn and even Facebook, FriendFeed, and Twitter that will connect you to future employment. This is where your true identity resides, so beware, your career depends on it. Develope a system in how you are going to use all of these platforms. For me, I have LinkedIn, Twitter, and FriendFeed as my primary professional social networks. My Facebook page is more focused on family and friends but will slowly be migrating to include my professional space as well. What purpose will each of these networks serve and how are you going to use them? Create valuable content of your industry.

Step #5. Deliver your personal brand.

The true test comes when an opportunity knocks at your front door. Making the team and putting on a uniform every game with a prestigious name is only half the battle. What are you going to do when it’s your turn to step up to the plate? This is how your brand is truly defined, living up to your message.

What do you think? Is there anything you would add or take away?

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