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e's Week in Review: December 12-20

At the end of each week I will share with you the interesting things I came across through my “e’s Week in Review” post. It could be anything; blog posts, tech products, new apps., quotes, etc. If you have found any interesting tidbits or news, please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. — Winston Churchill

Two “e’s Week” in a row, I know I’m slacking, my apologies.

1.) Stribe: Is a service that allows you to create a customized social network within any website or blog.

2.) Tripit: Is a travel organizing service — email your itinerary to Tripit and they’ll organize and setup alerts for you. They’ll also notify you of any delays.  Your itinerary is easily accessible and sharable. Basically, you do the scheduling and they’ll do the organizing and notifying.

3.) Meebo: Has quite a few nifty services for your website or blog; chat, drag to share, analytics, Meebo bar (just released), etc. I especially am a fan of the drag to share feature. Mashable is currently using this feature, it’s pretty cool!

e’s Weekly Reads:
Last week’s read:  I started “Sticks and Stones” by Larry Weber but ended up closing it, not because of the content, my brain was on information overload. I needed a break and will resume after the new year.

This week’s read:  I had to get away from the business type for a moment… “Beautiful Boy” by David Sheff.

Safe travels to all and Happy Holidays!

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