A new year brings new goals.

Most likely those who set goals won’t achieve them. I’ll admit it, I fall into this category at times. This doesn’t mean there isn’t work taking place, it’s just that most times the goals set are unobtainable.

88 percent of new years resolutions fail.

According to a national survey by the MorningStar Farms brand 88% of resolutions fail – granite the survey concentrated on health related resolutions, the concept is the same.

This year will hope to be a prosperous year through implementing goals and action plans I can reach.

Bring on 2011…

1. Always do whatever it takes.
Each year and every day, there aren’t any excuses. The ‘excuses’ that pop up is the lizard brain wanting to resist anything from producing art; from achieving. Be persistent in pushing through the lizard brain.

2. Read a book a month.
Reading books is a great way to gain industry knowledge and also allows the creativity to surface. Ideas automatically ignite from what lies within the covers. The kicker: I have to alternate each month with a business related book to a non business related book. This allows me to give myself a rest on industry related issues while gaining various perspectives from the book in hand and thinking outside of the marketing realm.

3. Disconnect to increase productivity.
This year I really want to make an effort in setting aside chunks of time disconnecting from the web to enhance my productivity. Not saying I am not capable of doing both, but the productivity levels skyrocket when it’s just you and your thoughts. This means disconnecting from people, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Reader, etc.

4. Freelance push.
I want to be able to set aside time to contribute to my freelance services and making a conscious effort in lightly communicating those services.

5. Increased blogging efforts.
If you haven’t noticed, my last blog post was on July 30, 2010. Again, there are no excuses. You can expect one post per week with an additional “e’s week in review” post every Sunday evening. Feel free to call me out when you notice a skipped post.

6. Stamping Education as a  major contributor for AAF CR-IC.
As I enter my second year with the American Advertising Federation I have a better sense of the expectations, by both the board and the students. Education has an opportunity to put itself on the AAF map.

7. Reigniting 380social
380social was quietly put on the back burner. This year the founding fathers want to regroup and restrategize in keeping this group in tact. The commitment wihtin the 380social community is there. It’s being able to remain consistent and persistent on both ends – but that starts with the founding fathers.

8. Implementing the social space into the financial services business model.
This year will be the year, with my current employer Transamerica, that training and implementation of the social media channels will have a common section in the agency’s business model and marketing initiatives.

So that’s it – these are the goals that I will strive to achieve day-in and day-out.

So what about you…  What are your goals or new years resolutions for 2011?

Photo courtesy: Mooi – Flickr