This week when watching “The Facebook Obsession” (part 1, part 2, part 3) documentary put on by CNBC, of course, a hot topic was the privacy issue.

Embrace the relevant web.

When you sign up to Facebook you agree to abide by their rules – It’s free, Facebook makes the rules and has that right. If you aren’t on board with their rules of use and privacy policies, don’t sign up (though deleting an account can be rather cumbersome and difficult, but that’s a different topic). Users need to embrace the social graph and where the web as a whole is going. It’s a relevant, one of kind cloud made just for you.

Shopping via your social graph.

People find it easy and extremely convenient to utilize a login system like Facebook Connect not having to open and setup another account. The minute they enter the site they’re appalled by how relevant and personalized everything is – this scares people.This is when they feel their privacy has been breached.

Why is this an automatic red flag?

This is where I am confused. Yes, the site is taking data from your Facebook profile essentially without asking for permission (but you agreed to login with FB connect). Why is this so daunting and scary? These sites are using your data to generate an intimate experience for the time you’re logged in. Once logging out, it’s gone.

Why aren’t users on board of this approach? Why wouldn’t you want to walk into a department store having everything laid out that only you like; style, brand, color, etc.? It’s basically been built strictly for you. Why wouldn’t you want a suggestion from a close friend via their “like” or purchase whether they’re physically with you or not? Facebook’s open graph provides a shared shopping experience regardless of when your connections have been there. Friends are influential, you feel a sense of self gratification when your friends give you a bit of reassurance on your purchases. That’s what theses sites are doing, they’re providing a relevant shopping experience for YOU based on you. It’s efficient, easy, and connected.

Why waste time searching when it’s already suggesting?

Privacy on the web is a concern, but if your data is being used to create a better experience for you, embrace it. This has, and will continue, to change the way we shop forever.

Let’s open it up.

How do you feel about third party sites using your Facebook data? Does this breach your privacy or scare you?