Eric Ungs Week in Review - 2011

January 3-9, 2011 – #2

Each week I want to share with you the interesting things I come across. It could be anything; blog posts, tech products, new apps, quotes, etc. If you’ve found any interesting tidbits or news, please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

1. – Jott allows you to utilize your mobile device to remain efficient all through voice activity. Jott Voicemail takes your voicemail and turns them into text and emails. With Jott Assistant you simply place a phone call and you can add to your todo lists, send emails to colleagues, update web services. The voice-to-text service turns your voice notes, messages, and updates into text and sends them where you want. Jott Salesforce uses voice-to-text and a simple phone call to allow sales professionals to input their account and opportunity updates, take quick notes, and set reminders and appointments, all on the go.

2. Foursquare losing its appeal – A recent post from titled “Foursquare still struggling to become more than a niche app” states that the number of unique visitors is on a downward spiral and fast. There were 1.8 million unique visitors this summer compared to less than 1 million last month. This is a pretty staggering number considering the short time frame in which it occurs. This leaves me with one question; What can Foursquare do to not fall victim to the breathing monster in silicon valley, Facebook? Although the recent upgrades with photos and comments was a great added feature, there needs to be more features that attract the user as well as the brands. Foursquare needs to bridge this gap. The ‘game’ of Foursquare is losing its appeal. I hope they can rebound and not fall into Facebook’s quicksand.

3. File Sharing –  “With you can share any number of files, no matter how large, within seconds. Click on select files. Share the files with your friends. Move on” It’s a simple file sharing/hosting tool where you can easily push out to Facebook, Twitter and email; no plugin to download, view real-time analytics and free yourself from rejected emails because of too large of files. More about

January Read: Referral Engine by John Jantsch

What does Foursquare need to do to be mainstream?