Eric Ungs Week in Review - 2011

January 10-16, 2011 – #3

Each week I want to share with you the interesting things I come across. It could be anything; blog posts, tech products, new apps, quotes, etc. If you’ve found any interesting tidbits or news, please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

1. PingTags – creates a QR code for your LinkedIn profile. Simply login using your LinkedIn credentials and it populates a QR code that you can put on any of your personal marketing materials; e.g. business card. Once the QR code is scanned the user can see any of your LinkedIn profile information. They’re also able to easily connect with you via email, a phone call, or click through to one of your profile links without having to input any data; it’s automatically populated. When you login into your PinTags account the dashboard displays analytics for your QR code; how many scans, what links were clicked, and what geographic location it was scanned.

2. 26 Tips to enhance your LinkedIn experience Social Media Examiner recently put together an excellent list of how to enhance your LinkedIn experience; recommendations, creating a share of voice within groups, introductions, connecting, etc. Aside from this post, Social Media Examiner does an excellent job producing news on the social space for all experience levels.

3. AT&T vs. Verizon 3G Networks – With the recent announcement of Verizon taking aboard the iPhone, it leaves a lot of people wondering if they should switch or not. This piece, via Mashable, goes into detail on the underlining differences between the two networks and what may be the best option for you. I for one am still hung up on getting a 4G EVO (Android) or the Verizon iPhone.

January Read: Referral Engine by John Jantsch

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