e's Week in Review

January 17-23, 2011 – #4

Each week I want to share with you the interesting things I come across. It could be anything; blog posts, tech products, new apps, quotes, etc. If you’ve found any interesting tidbits or news, please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

1. Why Entrepreneurs Should Care About Google Suggest – Now, more than ever, brands from main street to wall street need to listen extra carefully and respond more quickly. In a recent post on Open Forum it talks about Google Suggest and Google Instant. Both basically filling out the rest of your search query for you. This may lead consumers to seeing negative ‘suggestions’ when it wasn’t their initial search intent. Leaving little to no control for the brand in its online reputation management efforts. The control; to listen intently and respond quickly. The post shows an excellent example of Google Instant gone wrong for Comcast.

2. Sean Parker Says “The Social Network” Is “Fiction” – via Mashable. Napster founder Sean Parker comments on the movie “The Social Network” during a panel conference in Europe with Paulo Coelho. Sean lashed out in saying the movie was a complete work of fiction and was dissatisfied in the way he was portrayed in the film. Sean and Paulo discuss “The Social Network” only for a brief moment, but the 23 minute video is worth finishing out. They touch on social media and the future of publishing. Quite interesting.

3. What Does Google Offers Mean for Groupon? It was only a matter of time for Google, after Groupon politely declined a $6 billion acquisition offer, to step into the group buying ring. It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out. Google obviously has the infrastructure with their existing AdSense and AdWords products in their arsenal. But, we all know Google’s social efforts don’t really take off and with not having the men on the streets to compete with Groupon’s sales force leaves a competition that will be closely watched.

So, as Mashable ends the post, is there enough room for both Google Offers and Groupon to be in the group buying space?

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