e's Week in Review

January 24-30, 2011 – #5

Each week I want to share with you the interesting things I come across. It could be anything; blog posts, tech products, new apps, quotes, etc. If you’ve found any interesting tidbits or news, please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

1. LinkedIn Maps – “Your professional world. Visualized.” This is currently an experimental project in the LinkedIn labs that puts your connections in a stunning visual. The visual sifts through your network and puts them into clusters based on the types of relationships. Take my LinkedIn Map for instance, it generated 7 different clusters in which I had the opportunity in naming them. This is a neat way to visually understand how your connected and to which category (relationship, industry, profession, etc.). It defines who your key influencers are by the size of the dot and font. It really is a beautiful visual. Make your own LinkedIn Map. Once generated it creates a landing page of your map in which it gives you several sharing options to share with your social peers.

2. Hyper Alerts – Facebook page administrators, it’s finally here, though not within Facebook, but via Hyper Alerts. You can register to receive alerts on any type of activity that takes place on your Facebook fan page. This new free service is extremely easy to setup. Simply; open an account, add new alert, input your page vanity URL, set frequency, and sit back while your email keeps you in the loop of any page activity. Via HubSpot, this service can also be used to stay on top of what your competitors are doing within the Facebook space. There’s no limit to the number of alerts you set. Nifty tool hugh.

3. Facebook Sponsored Stories – Facebook just recently launched a new ad platform of what they’re calling Facebook Sponsored Stories. Basically, when you either check-in to a brands physical location, engage on their page, or interact within their custom app that brand is able to grab those bits of content and use them in their Facebook ads. Not too long ago I posted a tweet about having dynamic photos instead of the brand uploading their own and the only thing being personalized is if your friend liked the ad. So whomever has previously interacted with the brand their photo would appear when someone in their network stumble across it. This is exactly what Facebook Sponsored Stories is doing but instead they’re using content that users have created. I think this is a great direction for the ad platform within Facebook. It creates a more trusted and personalized advertisement (not even sure you can call it that). As always there are two sides to every coin, some preferring to have users opt-in.

January Read: Referral Engine by John Jantsch