If you have 30 or so minutes please watch the video below, if you haven’t already seen it.

It’s a short documentary. You’ll find it quite interesting, moving, and powerful.

Plus, while watching, keep in mind two different perspectives.

1. The movement and the story being told in the video.

2. Why Facebook, the Internet, and other social networks online are truly good for humanity.

Facebook isn’t so much about big data or breach of privacy or posting something you shouldn’t have or even advertising. It’s much much deeper and much greater.

Facebook connects the world much easier at a much quicker rate.

At such a rate there is no way to replicate it through traditional means. It connects the world not to do bad, but for the people to stand up for humanity and do good. To stand up for something they believe in, an idea. It connects the entire globe to do good, most importantly, to do good together, no matter where we are on this planet.

The invisible man, women, the child half way around the world, now, because of Facebook and the social web, become visible. Because of real people connecting, growing online communities that spread a shared message, belief, an idea, together, allowing voices to be heard.