Understand the consumer beyond the consumer and product touchpoint.

The inspiring Steve Jobs was frequently quoted saying “it’s not the consumers job to know what they want”.

Thus is why we as marketers must understand the full DNA makeup of our consumers and not solely concentrate on the DNA string – the direct need – that’s connected to our product or service.

We need to not fully listen to and rely upon what consumers are saying they want in products in terms of features, functionality, etc – this blocks innovation which ultimately creates a very messy product as we try to be everything to everybody.

Instead we need to listen to how our consumers live beyond the link between our product and service.

Understand the full DNA makeup so we can provide them, not with an enhanced version of what they already have and with what they think they want, but with something they want before they even know they want it.

Something created for their lifestyle that serves – and meets – both the brand’s and consumer’s higher purpose.

To what extent do you think we need to listen to our consumers – and allow them to influence decisions – when building and creating our products?