Ever since Google+ had launched my quick sharing options within Google Reader had pretty much disappeared. I had it set up on the backend that every time I ‘Shared’ a post or ‘Shared With Note’ it would post to my Twitter stream. Now it’s just cumbersome – you know, more than one click.

Until now, IFTTT! “Putting the internet to work for you”

IFTTT simply stands for If This Then That.

This beta tool simply allows users to create tasks or recipes associated with the well over 40 connected channels to create specific triggers to initiate specific actions.

Channels are your social networks; Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Buffer, etc. – There are 46 channels for you to choose from.

Triggers are the ‘This’ portion of the IFTTT statement. It signifies a beginning to the action. Examples are “I’m tagged in a Facebook photo” or “I starred a post in Google Reader”.

The action is the ‘That’ in the IFTTT statement. Based on the trigger it completes an action. For example, “post to my Twitter stream” or “send me a text”.

Any user is able to create personal recipes – attaching a specific trigger and action to the IFTTT statement.

Users can also quickly implement a task by using shared recipes created by the the entire IFTTT community.

It’s a pretty slick tool to connect your social channels to one another by creating simple tasks and recipes under one roof. Not to mention how simple it is and the convenience it creates. Set it and forget it!

Now that I have IFTTT, my sharing via Google Reader is back to the way it used to be, just one click.

So my recipe reads; If I Star a post on Google Reader then update my Buffer with the post title, URL, and author name.

With this recipe it then will post to my Twitter stream based on the settings and preferences within my Buffer account. I have three tools speaking to one another on the backend all because of this simple IFTTT recipe.


Head on over to IFTTT and create you very own personal recipe and leave it in the comments below.